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Meet the Magical Faces of Ron Cain

To fans of Harry Potter, he's the Wizard of Wands. To budding magicians, he's Professor Arcane or Mr. Magic. Folks also call him Professor GreenPockets, Captain HurriCain, Doctor VolCaino, Yo-Yo the Clown and Uncle Sam.

The names and costumes may be different. But Central New York magician Ron Cain always brings the same qualities to every performance. He's a skilled professional committed to entertaining audiences of all ages. Children. in particular, relate to his warmth and desire to make every magical experience memorable.

Born and bred in Houston, Texas, Ron now lives in the Syracuse, N.Y., area. A former teacher and graduate of Syracuse University, he performs at libraries, schools, festivals, businesses and family parties throughout the Northeast. Television viewers have enjoyed his work on the PBS show "Pappyland," televised nationally on The Learning Channel, and "Saturday Showboat," produced by NBC's Syracuse affiliate.

Ron specializes in themed magic shows. The theme may be educational, or it may simply highlight a holiday or special occasion like a birthday, prom or wedding. He offers a variety of entertainment packages. For birthday parties, he usually performs a magic show and twists a balloon animal for each child present. At corporate events, he often does closeup magic. At fairs and festival, he may present a stage magic show, do strolling magic tricks, and/or twist balloon animals.

For information about these and other programs, contact Ron Cain at 315.488.9125 or

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