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Magical Workshops & Classes for Adults and Teens

CAIN Magic Company offers virtual and in-person enrichment classes and workshops for adults and teens. Ron Cain regularly teaches recreational and personal development classes at the Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCES Continuing Education center in Liverpool, N.Y

Adults and teens also can participate in his enlightening and entertaining programs through schools, libraries, camps and recreation departments. Ron will travel to your location to present the following two-hour workshops for adults and teens:

A Gathering of Ghosts
What should you do if you see a ghost? How do you get rid of one? Here’s your chance to study various types of ghosts and hauntings. Hear theories explaining ghostly phenomena and learn ghost-hunting techniques. Instructor Ron Cain also sheds light on famous haunted houses and legends, including tales from Hollywood, the White House and other countries. The boogeyman, bedsheet ghosts, and poltergeist will also be discussed. Learn about haunted objects like Annabelle the Doll and the Lincoln Ghost Train. Be prepared to share your own ghost stories!

Finding Your Psychic Self
Venture into the mysterious world of psychics and New Age practices. Discover how meditation, hypnosis and dream interpretation can help you develop your intuitive abilities. Instructor Ron Cain also discusses cartomancy (card reading), palmistry, numerology, astrology and pendulum dowsing. In addition to being fun and entertaining, these tools often give people insight into their personalities, relationships and goals.

Discover the Tarot
Unlock the mysteries of the Tarot, a centuries-old fortune-telling system. Learn how cards meant for game playing can be used for divination and meditation. The Tarot’s Major Arcana consists of 22 cards signifying virtues, vices and elemental forces. The remaining 56 cards–the Minor Arcana–are divided into four suits. Instructor Ron Cain will discuss the meaning of the suits and symbols. He also will demonstrate how to read the cards. (Students should bring a Tarot deck or plan to purchase one.)

Mysterious World: Unexplained Creatures and Places
Investigate the strange creatures and supernatural phenomena that inspire television shows like “Finding Bigfoot” and “The X-Files.” How do cryptozoologists distinguish between Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman? Is the Loch Ness monster really a plesiosaur? Do UFO’s exist? You be the judge after you hear stories of monster sightings and aliens encounters. Students will examine other cryptids (unknown animals), such as the Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and the Chupacabra. Men in Black and Black-eyed Kids (BEK) will also be discussed. Instructor Ron Cain also examines theories associated with mysterious places like Stonehenge, Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, and the Pyramids of Giza.

Magic For Adults
Entertain friends and family at the drop of a hat! Educators, health professionals and people working in sales or service jobs also benefit from knowing a few tricks. A little magic can go a long way toward smoothing relationships or soothing folks in distress. Professional magician Ron Cain can show you how to perform tricks with ordinary objects like cards, coins, rope and paper. Plus, you’ll learn about misdirection and basic slight-of-hand. (Please bring cards, a quarter and a handkerchief to class.)

Balloon Twisting for Adults
Bring joy and laughter to any occasion with balloon sculptures. Balloons are a popular form of entertainment at parties, reunions, company picnics, weddings, and other events. Balloon artist Ron Cain teaches the basics of balloon twisting. Students will learn how to make balloon animals, hats, bracelets, flowers, airplanes, and many other shapes. Special twists and techniques will be taught that are only known by balloon experts.

The Magic of Chocolate For Adults
Why should kids have all the fun? This grownup version of Ron Cain’s popular chocolate workshop takes an in-depth look at chocolate’s place in health, history and popular culture. Follow a candy bar’s journey from fruit on the cacao tree to the finished product. Compete in a Chocolate Trivia Challenge.
Pick up ideas for chocolate-related projects and recipes. And make a chocolate treat!

A Guide to Casino Games
What do you need to know before going to the casino? Instructor Ron Cain teaches the fundamentals of popular casino games. Students learn the art of Texas hold’em, the best bets to make in craps, and how players use basic strategy and card counting in blackjack (21). Casino game odds, probability and money management also will be discussed. Have fun while developing your skills!

Are You Psychic?

Take our test to determine your psychic ability. For each question, give yourself 3 points for Often, 2 points for Sometimes, 1 point for Occasionally, and zero points for Never.

1. Do you have vivid dreams or nightmares?
2. Do you experience deja vu (the feeling you have been somewhere before)?
3. Do you know how other people are feeling, even if they don't tell you?
4. When the telephone rings, do you know who's calling before you answer it?
5. Are you willing to trust your hunches?
6. Do superstitious beliefs affect your behavior or decisions?
7. Have family members displayed psychic ability or made uncanny predictions?
8. Do you read books or watch television programs dealing with the occult?
9. Do you ever feel as if you're floating or leaving your body?
10. Do you feel as if you're being watched by a spirit guide, guardian angel or ghost of someone who has died?
11. While talking with someone, does your mind drift or "space out?
12. Do you do especially well at card games or games of chance?

Check your totals:
29 to 36 points - Your perceptions are definitely extra-sensory. Others call you their "psychic friend" and often ask for advice. Don't be afraid to trust your intuition about people and hunches about the future.
20 to 27 points - You have real psychic ability, but it is not as developed as it could be. Consider taking a short course in the Tarot, numerology, astrology, color analysis or palmistry. It should bring out your latent talent.
12 to 19 points - You are interested in developing your psychic ability, although it may scare you at times. Read about and experiment with different areas. Do you feel more comfortable with horoscopes or cards? Would you rather work with numbers or colors?
11 or fewer points - You are probably more comfortable with physics than psychics, but that doesn't mean you have to shun other-worldly pursuits. Sometimes it is good to push the limits of science and explore new ways of thinking. It also can be fun to look at life in different ways.