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You have just been sprinkled with pixie dust! No, it’s not grainy glitter you have to sweep up later. CAIN Magic Company uses only organic pixie dust––the invisible kind that springs from your imagination. Now enter the world of Ron Cain, the Central New York magician whose magic shows and magical classes celebrate fantasy and fun.

Magician Ron Cain with animated bunny

Virtual Magic Zooms to Libraries and Living Rooms

Join Central New York magician Ron Cain on a virtual visit to the world of fairy tales! Through the magic of Zoom's video conference application, Ron is bringing his new magic show to audiences everywhere.

“Zoom through Fairy Tale Magic” highlights the 2020 New York state summer reading program theme, “Imagine Your Story.” The interactive magic show features tricks focusing on popular fairy tales. Children watching from home have a chance to participate in the illusions.

After the performance, Ron will teach the audiences a few magic tricks with playing cards and common household items. The CAIN Company’s Virtual Magic Package includes a 30-minute magic show, a 15-minute magic lesson, and a magic trick booklet participants can download and print.

The Virtual Magic Package is available to anyone who wants to have some magical fun, including libraries, schools, camps, recreation programs, community groups and families. Contact Ron Cain at 315.488.9125 or for details.

For information about live entertainment for schools and libraries, visit our Educational Shows page. To learn about magical classes and workshops for children, check out the Children's Classes page.